Tennent Caledonian is set to light up the beer scene with the launch of ‘Caledonia’, a new collection of premium bottled ales, unveiled today against the stunning backdrop of Loch Katrine, the water of which is a vital ingredient of the new range.


This is the first-time iconic Loch Katrine has been used as a projection location. The atmospheric waters provided the perfect setting to showcase the three new beers in the ‘Caledonia’ range, Outpost IPA, Double Hop and Hopscotch. 


In addition to the water from Loch Katrine, ingredients for the new ‘Caledonia’ collection include the finest locally sourced malted barley, staying true to the ‘Caledonia’ ethos of using locally sourced, high quality ingredients to produce the best Scottish beers.


Caledonia Outpost IPA has a recipe influenced by the earliest pale ales made by Tennent Caledonian, which was the World’s Largest Exporter of bottled beer in the 1850s. The brew has subtle fruity notes which are dominated by strong, malty grain flavours along with a punchy, hoppy character. The beer is medium to full bodied and distinctly bitter, as you would expect from an IPA.


Caledonia Double Hop is slightly sweet with fruit flavours and an obvious citrus nose. A light to medium bodied beer, there is a clear bitterness mixed with a subtle hoppy finish.


Caledonia Hopscotch is a Whisky Oak Beer with a smokey, wood flavour and a hint of vanilla. This complex medium bodied beer is slightly sweet with a distinct bitterness.


Each of the great tasting 5% ABV brews has its own unique flavour profile and are available in 500ml bottles across the UK in Tesco and Co-Op stores from March 2017.